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Phone number – 706-235-9781 
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Mon – Fri – 8-5 EST

Video Tutorials

Account Creation | For a Customer OR a Service Provider - Please note OTR Account number will be assigned to you after registration.

Order Process & Workflow | Showing the entire order process through both the Customer and the Service Provider accounts


Q: What is the Partners Portal?

A: The Partners Portal is a secure web application designed to provide OTR Partners the tools to conduct business with us fast, easy, and dependable.

Q: If I'm a service provider do I need an OTR account number?

A: For new customers please contact OTR customer service at 706-235-9781 to obtain one, for existing customers, your account number will be added by customer service at time of activation,

Q: Can you explain the 5 order Status catagories?

A: Recent Orders – Any order placed within the last month.

      - Awaiting Approval – An order placed by a Customer and is awaiting approval or awaiting to be accepted by the service provider.

     - Work in Progress – The Service Provider has approved an order and is currently working on completing the work.

     - Awaiting Review – The service provider has completed the work and has submitted the order for final review by the customer.

     - Completed Orders – The Customer has reviewed the order and the work is complete.

Q: How does the system select the service providers or customers near me?

A: The selection is based on the customers zip code and the service providers zip code. 

Q: How does billing Service Only items work through the portal?unavailable at this time

A: We will bill the Customer on the Service Providers behalf. We charge a 5% processing fee of the all combined invoices for this service. Once we receive payment from the Customer, we will then remit payment to the Service Provider. Please allow up to 2 weeks additional processing time after OTR has received payment from the Customer to remit payment to the Service Provider.

Key Features

  • Purchase tires at your pricing
  • View order and shipment status
  • View invoices
  • View statement

Getting Started

To apply for access, simply provide your location id and contact information. Upon submission, your account will be created and you will receive email confirmation with your credentials and access to the OTR Partner site.